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Common Questions About Clear Aligners

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Hi, I’m Mike Anderson. I’m an orthodontist, and one of the questions I get commonly asked is, can I have clear aligners and will they be able to straighten my teeth? The answer to that is yes. Clear aligners can straighten teeth just like braces do. In fact, there’s some circumstances where clear aligners are even more effective at straightening your teeth, and one of these situations is where there’s an overbite. They’re also very effective at correcting open bites and very useful for closing spacing between teeth as well as straightening crowded teeth. I’m going to show you some examples of this now.
Overbite - Brisbane Queensland, Fortitude Valley & Albany Creek - Allstar Orthodontics
An overbite is where the upper teeth come out further than the lower teeth, and this can be corrected using clear aligners and elastics to get this sort of result. This patient has gone from having an overbite like this, with clear aligners and elastics, to having an overbite corrected, and this happens very effectively with clear aligners. This is another situation where there was an overbite, and using clear aligners and elastics, the overbite was corrected very effectively. The patient went from having a large overbite to having it fully corrected with clear aligners and elastics.
Open Bite - Brisbane Queensland, Fortitude Valley & Albany Creek - Allstar Orthodontics
This is called an open bite, where the upper and lower teeth don’t meet at the front. Clear aligners can be used very effectively to treat this type of situation. We can also see that the crowding of the teeth has been very effectively treated with the clear aligners as well. Here is another open bite. Clear aligners have been used in this situation to close the open bite. The clear aligners have also been very effective at closing the spacing.
Crowded Teeth - Brisbane Queensland, Fortitude Valley & Albany Creek - Allstar Orthodontics
Clear aligners can also be used for correcting crowded teeth, and we can see in this situation both the upper and lower teeth had some crowding, and the end result shows the teeth nicely aligned. This is another situation where clear aligners can be used to create crowding of teeth. Even when there’s a lot of crowding in the teeth, clear aligners are very effective at straightening the teeth. As you can see, clear aligners are very effective at straightening teeth. They also have the advantage that when you come to brush your teeth, you simply take it out, so it makes life a lot easier than braces.

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