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Invisalign Future Elite Program

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Invisalign Brisbane Queensland, Fortitude Valley & Albany Creek Allstar Orthodontics

Invisalign Australia has conducted the Future Elite program this year. The program included a comprehensive circuit of educational events, clinical support offerings, and general education about the Invisalign System and its associated processes. A select few Orthodontists around Queensland were invited to participate in this program. The education program involved attendance at a series of structured local events and also attendance at an International 3-day conference.

  • Participants were required to attend all training sessions.
  • During each training session participants were required to present cases undergoing treatment or for proposed treatment.
  • Participants were required to participate in interactive treatment planning and treatment review sessions and group discussions.

The program comprised 6 meetings

Workshop#1: Full day conference in March

Overview of Future Elite program, including program objectives and responsibilities

Invisalign basics: Treatment options, IPR, attachments, Clinical Preferences

Invisalign processes: General overview of Invisalign process, streamlining the Invisalign system within your practice, understanding Invisalign’s attachment hierarchies, IPR staging, and Align defaults

Diagnosis and treatment planning

  • Biomechanics of Invisalign
  • Favourable tooth movements with the aligners
  • Invisalign patient selection: diagnosing what treatments will be predictable with Invisalign and also recognising those that will be more challenging
  • Treatment planning considerations with Invisalign
  • Effective communication with prospective Invisalign patients

The Invisalign submission process

  • Record taking for Invisalign treatments
  • Invisalign treatment submission process: how to effectively communicate with Align via your Prescription form

Invisalign’s clincheck software

  • ClinCheck software, part 1: communication with the Invisalign Technicians, ClinCheck treatment plan review process

Interactive treatment planning session and group discussion

  • Day 1 includes an interactive session during which participants will share with the group, 2 potential Invisalign patients and discuss Invisalign roadblocks

Workshop #2: Invisalign treatment planning for mild to moderate cases (3hrs)

Invisalign treament planning: mild to moderate

  • Mild to moderate Invisalign treatments: spacing and crowding, mild to moderate rotations, non-extraction treatments, mild Cl II and Cl III treatments

Treatment of teenagers using the invisalign system

  • Diagnostic and treatment planning considerations when treating teens with Invisalign
  • Invisalign’s teen treatment option and associated features

Invisalign’s clincheck software

  • Part 2: Reviewing and making changes to your ClinCheck planning, using ClinCheck as a treatment planning tool, using your ClinCheck models as a monitoring tool

Interactive component and group discussion

  • Participants to share 2 of their own treatments which would be considered mild to moderately difficult
Invisalign Elite Program Brisbane Queensland, Fortitude Valley & Albany Creek Allstar Orthodontics (1)

Workshop #3: Invisalign treatment planning for moderate to complex cases (3 hrs.)

Invisalign treatment planning: moderate to complex

  • Moderate to complex Invisalign treatment planning: extraction treatments, deep bite correction, Cl II and Cl III treatments, Teen treatments with partially erupted dentition, distalisation and medialisation

Invisalign processes

  • General overview of Invisalign process, streamlining the Invisalign system within your practice, understanding Invisalign’s attachment hierarchies, IPR staging, and Align defaults
  • Incorporating auxiliaries into your Invisalign treatment plan to help achieve A-P correction

Invisalign monitoring and troubleshooting

  • Effective Invisalign treatment monitoring and use of the ClinCheck software as a monitoring tool
  • Review of online monitoring resources
  • Troubleshooting for Invisalign – what to do when a treatment is not tracking and how this can be avoided? When is a mid-course correction required?
  • How to use the ClinCheck software to detect misfits and identify tracking issues

Interactive component and group discussion

  • Participants to share 2 of their own treatments which fall into the moderate to complex categories

Workshop #4: Fiji orthodontist forum: 26 – 28 july 2013

  • Be Inspired
  • Spend 3 mornings in tropical Fiji with some of Invisalign’s most forward thinking orthodontists
  • Separate program available

Workshop #5: Invisalign treatment planning for complex cases (3hrs)

Invisalign treatment planning: complex

  • Complex Invisalign treatment planning, pre-molar extraction treatments, surgical options with Invisalign
  • Use of auxiliary mechanics such as root helper brackets, buttons and elastics for extrusions, TADs

Invisalign finishing techniques and retention

  • Finishing techniques and the Invisalign refinement process
  • Post Invisalign retention and Vivera retainers

Interactive component and group discussion

  • Participants to share 2 of their own treatments based on the topics of troubleshooting, auxiliaries, and extraction treatments with Invisalign

Workshop #6: course review and group discussion (3hrs)

  • Summary of key learning and 2013 Future Elite program wrap up
  • Celebratory dinner and drinks after the workshop
  • Participants will also be asked to share their ‘most interesting’ treatment from 2013 and discuss with the group
  • Day 6 will also enable participants to share with their group their most valued take home messages from the program and will allow members to share how their approach to Invisalign within their own practice has evolved throughout the year.

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